Disney Family Day 4

No, you didn’t miss one. As if you’re really paying that close attention…. An entry on the third Disney Family Day we did is going to have to wait, because there’s lots of video to edit. Until then, I figured a post out of order was better than no posts at all, right? Right? šŸ™‚

Anyway, our most recent DFD was a “Donald Duck Mexico Party”, according to our two youngest attendees. They were close. In actuality, it was a Three Caballeros party – in honor of the ride that, along with “it’s a small world”, is STILL one of their favorites each trip. So without further ado…
While Mommy was finishing up a few last-minute details, Daddy and the girls decided to play a few rounds of Ring around the Rosie with Donald himself. I think he had fun! šŸ˜‰
Finally, it was time for paper flowers and sombrero decorating!
Dinner (with Mexico Pavilion and Mariachi Cobre music in the background) was Donald’s Taco Bar, Panchito’s Lime Tostitos & Salsa, Jose’s Spanish Rice, and Tres Leches cake… delicioso!
We finished up the night watching, of course, The Three Caballeros. And hey, with 4 DFDs down, it means we’re just about one month closer to our trip!


  1. Wow, didn’t have the bookmark on the new laptop-the girls have gotten HUGE in one month!

    I’m with them, the Three Caballeros is a great movie, and El Rio Del Tiempo is tons of fun. (I’m the bad person who sings the old theme through the ride, though)

    Love the DFN ideas. šŸ™‚

  2. Suzanne, I agree completely about the movie and the ride! In fact, I was worried we’d hate the refurb (especially after hearing the rants), and – while I did LOVE El Rio del Tiempo – I was pleasantly surprised. Having seen the movie, I think they did an excellent job – and the whole idea of the movie (and Saludos Amigos) was so cool in the first place, but I think most people just miss that.

    Anyway, good to see you again! Hope all is well. The girls grow up more and more each day, it seems!