I sure hope we can figure out how to get Avery to sleep in a bit more before the upcoming time-change. I’m not looking forward to the prospect of watching Playhouse Disney at 4am (is it on?), in order to avoid waking Elise up, too!


  1. Is it feasible to push back bedtime for 15-20 minutes each night for the week leading up to their bedtime?

    If you can keep them up a little later each night, then they’ll be used to that change when the week is up-or at least headed in the direction of sleeping a bit later in the morning.

  2. Suzanne, we’re definitely trying that. Unfortunately though, when we’ve tried up to this point they wake up at the same time – or earlier – regardless of when they go to bed. If their clocks are set to 5-6am no matter what, we end up reverting back to an earlier bedtime so they get the amount of sleep they need… even if it throws our schedules off! 🙂