It finally happened.

Poop-smeared walls.

Seriously, I thought this stopped around 18 months?

No, as I might have mentioned, in a phase that started well AFTER 2nd birthday celebrations, the diapers come off nearly every morning despite numerous attempts at portraying exactly how much trouble Elise and Avery are in when this happens.  And no, I can’t tape them, put them on backwards, or put onesies on – tried it, nothing works because they aren’t infants going through this stage, they’re 2.25 and can essentially dress (and undress) themselves.  And the diapers get pulled down like panties, rendering many solutions ineffective.

Anyway, this morning’s early bath (5:30, anyone?) and wall scrub-downs were a fun wakeup call.

Rotten girls!


  1. Been there, done that, with Sarah! Thankfully I didn’t have two, but my God, that child would disappear and hide behind a door. She’d then stick her hand in her diaper from the leg opening and paint it all over herself, from head to toe. I thought it would never end and I tried everything under the sun to stop her! She did however, end up being very creative later in life. ;D

  2. what? no pictures??? lol!

  3. Ha! Nope, no pictures. Honestly it wasn’t the artwork that I’ve read about, mostly just all over their bodies (up their backs, on their legs, etc) and then all over the floor, furniture, and some on the walls. Not a creative outlet per se, I think just a byproduct of playing while covered in poop. Either way, uncool 🙂