Disney Family Day #5

“To infinity… and beyond!”

Our “Toy Story party” was a blast (no pun intended).  Because I never got around to making the Mr. Potato Head activity, we opted just to play with ours instead… which the girls loved.  It had been a while since the whole family played with them together!  Avery insisted on her Mrs. Potato Head joining her beau on the island with the food, but then wanted her back before I could snap a picture.   This one will have to suffice, instead 🙂


We also played the Toy Story Mania video game (very poorly, considering 2/4 of us are probably a bit young).  Elise and Avery got a kick out of seeing both their names and some of their favorite TS characters on the screen.

No coloring pages today (what?!), because the “event” was rather short.  We did watch the first movie in the franchise though (that is 15 years old… can you believe it?!), and the girls really enjoyed it.  Probably not as much as they we all enjoyed the cookies, though!

Next up, Lilo and Stitch!


  1. I love the Disney family nights. You are doing an amazing job with these parties and the girls are loving them. You are a fantastic momma!

  2. Those cookies are adorable!

    Can I have in on the Lilo and Stitch DFD? One of my favorites!

  3. Suzanne, I was so bad about following up here we missed you and had our L&S party already. You know, since I’m sure it would have been worth your flight up…

    Post to come eventually, we’re quite busy around here this weekend. Hope you’re enjoying yours!

    Mama – thanks! 🙂