A Busy Weekend!

Our last weekend of summer (depending on who you’re asking) was a full one!

On Saturday, we obviously had the Toy Story Party.  But before that, we went to the Mason Heritage Festival as we do each year.  The girls enjoyed the parade, learned the devastating lesson about helium balloons (you know, the one where they go “up, up, up, really, really high in the sky”, and you “can’t reach it!”?), people-(and dog-)watched, and ate delicious kettle corn from Sweet Maize and pizza from Jet’s.

They also learned lessons about fallen leaves, shadows and other nerdy science things, and practiced their beam routine… but you’ll have to check the August Picasa album for those pictures!

It was fun, but exhausting (for all of us)!

Then on Sunday, we had plans to go to the Reds game – in “All You Can Eat” seats, no less!  It was going to be great.  Then, without warning, the temperatures jumped back up to 95 with a heat index of 100+ (One day only, coming to a city near you!) and we were somewhat miserable in the direct sunlight.  Oh, and the food sucked worse than anything I’ve ever experienced, both in selection and quality.  It was nauseating, and would have been more so if we had paid for the tickets instead of going on gift certificates courtesy of Children’s Hospital.

But I digress…

Those things and more decided to be wrong with the afternoon, so we left EXTREMELY early and decided instead to walk to Sawyer Point and jump in the fountains.  Except that, in the ridiculous heat, on a weekend, and before Labor Day, they were already closed.  Also without warning.  (It was then, for the record, that I REALLY wished we were in Chicago as was initially planned for the same weekend.  I guarantee you the fountain Millennium Park was still functional.  And people wonder why the downtown of our city can’t attract families?)

And there I go digressing, again!

Ultimately, we ended up playing in a shaded area of the park.  Through a weird (totally legal!) series of events, our parking ended up being free as well, making our only expense the gas it took to get downtown and back.  We are always thankful for adventures together, so it turned out to be an ok day, especially if you’re two.