"Last" KI Trip

(You know, for the regular season.  For this year.)

Cassi and I took Avery and Elise to Kings Island last week, and it was certainly eventful!

Because schools are back in session, the lines during the day were very short.  We took advantage of this and decided we’d do one “rider swap” run on Firehawk, since it would only take 15 minutes or so (even for both of us adults to ride), and the girls needed to eat their snack anyway – which they did on the exit steps, fascinated by the ride.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, after several mechanics and EMTs came to help me and my fellow riders scoot sideways off the coaster one at a time after getting stuck lying down with our feet in the air back at the queue, we were finally done.  The girls are still talking about Mama getting stuck on the big yellow and red roller coaster.  Annoying! (The event, not the girls.  They’re funny.)

ANYWAY…. we were there just another hour or so longer, but without any crowds the girls rode everything they love at least once.  We certainly got our money worth for my pass, and have plans to go back at least one more time for Howl-o-Fest activities.

Farewell, summer!