Music with Miss Joanie

On Monday, the girls and I went to our monthly Music and Movement class… only it isn’t there anymore!  The Museum had found out over the weekend that it lost one of it’s most fantastic resources in Miss Ai Li to a local school.  We’re thrilled for her that she got a great job teaching full time, but will miss her dearly.  After all, she and her sweet daughter Naomi have been my girls’ “friends” for 21 months now!

Taking her place temporarily was Miss Joanie – a local performer/teacher.  She is very smart and very good at music, but I have to admit we probably won’t continue going back each month.  We’ve switched our next two sessions (already paid) to a couple of other classes to try them, but the drive and timing of the class hasn’t been ideal for some time, only well worth it for our beloved Music Together class! 🙂

Anyway, the girls really did have a great time.  Miss Joanie let them play a few songs on her guitar (while she fingered the chords and they strummed), which was super cute.  They played with a couple of other instruments and sang a few familiar songs.  Elise and Avery were very shy and weren’t sure what to do with the (lack of) structure in the class, but enjoyed themselves nonetheless.

There are some photos in Picasa, though not many and absolutely none of good (non-blurry) quality.  Sorry!