I love…

… that Kyle and I spent nearly half an hour this morning laughing so hard at/with our daughters’ antics that my stomach hurt after.

… that the above happened when I REALLY needed to be doing 1000 other things but never once did I flinch at choosing this time together over housework.  (Though, admittedly, I will freak out later when I feel like I can’t get it done.  We aren’t going to focus on that part, though.)

… that the instant I put flowing, twirly skirts on Elise and Avery they have a reflexive response to ask to hear a song so they can dance.

… that Elise and Avery can (most of the time) find such joy in simply being with one another.  Elise told me repeatedly this morning that, in addition to “Elise [loving] Elise” (ha!), “Elise loves Avery”.  (Might I add though, that right now they are finding joy in hitting one another SO hard, and taking turns laughing as the other cries.  Again, let’s choose to redirect our focus….)

… that we have the opportunity to spend these kinds of times together because Kyle has a fabulous job that makes him (and the rest of us) happy.  Finally 🙂