Coney Island 2010

Last September, I blogged about the girls’ first trip to Coney Island.  This year, we weren’t sure if we’d be invited since Kyle is only sort of on staff at Children’s Hospital.  To our pleasant surprise, we got tickets in the mail about 6 weeks ago…. so last weekend we took full advantage!

A year later, Elise and Avery were able to ride a lot more.  Kind of.  Technically, some things had height requirements of 36″ but they weren’t enforced.  In all honesty though, many of them were – as they should be, if you ask me – simply “under ___ inches” and then it was up to the parents to decide if their child could ride.  The bigger issue, we feared, would be whether Avery would actually ride anything…

She did!  They both had a great time, until the lines got too long and inefficient (see last year’s post if you didn’t revisit it already) and drove Kyle and I too crazy to handle. 🙂

I forgot to bring my camera in packing for the storms we were expecting all afternoon (and never got!), but there are a handful of pictures in Picasa.  Oh, and a few right here:

Oh yeah – gravel was still one of the major highlights for Avery.  Apparently, some things never change. 🙂