Joke’s on me…

For months, I looked forward to that magical time when my toddlers would pare naps down to one per day.   That time, for years if I was lucky, when I’d have 2-3 glorious hours to myself each afternoon.

And certainly, it was going to happen.  After all, my girls LOVED their sleep, especially in the daytime.  They held onto three solid naps until they were well over a year old.  They held onto two naps for quite some time, as well.  Obviously when they were down to just one, it was going to be a monster nap.

Or maybe, instead, there would be no good naps and all that would remain were the monsters.  Why didn’t anyone warn me of that?  Oh, that’s right.  Because everyone else’s kids (save one I can think of) take the naps that are expected of two-year-olds.

When they were in cribs, so long as they were happily playing I would leave them down for 2-3 hours of quiet time.  They never slept more than 90 minutes (not one. single. time.) but everyone came away more refreshed.  Then the whole big girl bed thing was forced upon us, and that sanity went out the window.  It was replaced by shorter naps AND having to sit outside their room for a chunk of “quiet time”.  No sooner than they are both asleep, I go to do something – anything – by myself (and it’s not like I’m trying to do anything fun, it’s usually housework), and one of them is up.

And now, Elise seems to be already giving her nap up entirely.  She lies in bed for 2 hours playing and singing, sometimes sleeping 30 minutes, but not regularly.  That’s unacceptable, though I fear I have little choice.  It’s made trickier still because she has a twin sister who would love to stay up with her, but desperately needs her 45 minute nap each day.  (Who am I kidding, she desperately needs about a 4-hour nap most days.  But we take 45 minutes when we can get it).

The worst part though, is that their mama is turning into a raving lunatic because she needs the downtime/worktime and hasn’t had it for months.  *sigh*


  1. I am right there with you, Jennifer. I totally jinxed myself after telling you about the girls 2-3 hour naps. I swear since last week they have been taking horrible “naps”. Anna stayed up yesterday all day, even when I tried to let her rest in my bed downstairs. I really hope this is just a week or two “thing”. I am awfully grumpy and after readying your post, I have realized why. I just need a break, girls. I hope you get yours as well. I told Tony the other day…maybe I will just do 1 or two days of daycare. Not that I feel that need it, but it would be a nice break away.