"Before we buy them at the store, apples grow on trees!"

For the first time in a very long time, I actually remembered to find a U-Pick apple orchard while they were still in season!  The heat at the end of the summer did a number on a bunch of local places, but we were able to gather a peck of delicious apples at Irons Fruit Farm a couple of weekends ago.  Sure, it took us over an hour when it should have taken about 20 minutes, but whatever.  It was an experience 🙂

Irons is a really great little farm in Lebanon.  We hadn’t been, but were very pleased with our time there – after a misguided phone call that morning telling us there were plenty of apples only to arrive an hour later and be told we couldn’t go pick.  It got resolved, and is really a very boring story.  Back to the cuter one..

While we took turns taking potty breaks in the Yucky Blue Potty, we got a sneak peak of a few animals we might visit later.

Then it was time to find the Apple Trees that Avery still talks about daily.

The girls had a really good time finding apples and looking to see if they had any boo-boos (since most of what was left was rotting on the ground), and were so pleased when they’d find one that was “jus’ puhfect” to put in Mommy’s bag.

As we were trying to leave, Avery was dawdling and lagging far behind.  I turn around, and see that it is for good reason —

Silly girl!  They had given us permission anyway, so we all decided it was time to join in.

When we had paid for our apples, we visited with the animals a bit (emu, llama, goat, pony, & rabbits), and then took a free hayride before heading home.

Pretty good start to the “fall” (even if it is still technically summer), and now I’m off to enjoy some Apple Cider!  Several cute pics in the September Picasa album!


  1. Ooooh, I am so jealous. Apples here in Florida are not nearly as good as those picked from a tree.

    Cider, eh? If I had a peck, everyone in the family would be asking me when I was making apple butter!

    Great pictures. Favorites are the back view of Elise and those precious curls and Avery enjoying her apple. Too cute!

  2. But Suzanne, your oranges can’t be beat! 🙂 And I definitely didn’t make the cider, it was store-bought for sure!