Tyler’s Run

Last Saturday, Kyle joined hundreds of others at Miami Whitewater Forest for a run to raise money for (among other things) SIDS awareness.  Tyler’s Run is over a decade old, and is run in memory of “Little Angels” around the area.

This is Charlie.

Elise and Avery saw this picture, and immediately said, “Baby Charlie is sleeping.  Baby Charlie is sooo cute!”  I hate that we live in a fallen world where things sometimes hurt really badly, and for no humanly understandable reason.  That in time, my precious girls will learn that sometimes mommies and daddies have to say goodbye to their sweet children when they are only 3 weeks old.  Charlie’s Daddy was a colleague of Kyle’s and someone I had worked with during his intern year.  He and his wife had to say goodbye to Charlie a few months ago.  The outpouring of support at Tyler’s Run (in literally dozens and dozens of families wearing red “Charlie shirts”) was incredible, though I can’t imagine how little it really does in such a situation, especially one so new.  I only hope they felt a little bit of extra peace for that while…

It was a beautiful, PERFECT day.  The event is really well done and we had a wonderful time.  There were clowns and balloons, lots of food, uplifting music and friendly people everywhere.  It was unlike any other race event we’ve been to in that it was very laid back, yet very well supported.  It was really cool.

Next year, the girls and I will run with Kyle.  It wasn’t clear whether it would support strollers and little ones, though now we know it absolutely does.  It supports children’s bikes, tricycles, walkers, strollers, wheelchairs and whatever other method one wants to use to show their support.  So fun!  This year, though, we watched and cheered on the runners and walkers.  Elise and Avery anxiously awaited the Kids’ Fun Run, when it would be their turn.

Surprisingly, Avery ran even more gung-ho than Elise (though both were fantastic).  Not long before the finish line, my little sprinter took a horrendous face-plant into the concrete.  Needless to say I don’t have excellent pictures since I was running down to meet them to help Elise finish while Kyle tended to Avery.  Elise and I crossed the finish and got her goodie bag, and I explained to the folks at the end that my other daughter likely would not finish due to injury (her first DNF? ;)).  I turned around though, and saw her as determined as ever.

For days, she talked about how she had fun, how she fell down, but how she still crossed the finish line. What a sweetheart.

This is definitely an event we look forward to participating in again!