Laurie Berkner

Elise and Avery still absolutely adore The Laurie Berkner Band. We are listening to the “Best of” CD (just came in the mail yesterday!) and they are making my day.

Ironically, “Walk Along the River” (known in our house as “Ooh Ah” since my girls were quite small) is the only song from the DVD (known in our house as “The Ooh Ah Show”) that isn’t on the cd. Maybe they won’t notice? Otherwise, I think they might want to send a letter of protest to Ms. Berkner-Mueller with regards to her definition of “best”.

Until then though, thank you Nana for introducing Laurie to us. Her music doesn’t irritate the snot out of me (quite the opposite, in fact) and it brings Avery and Elise (and their parents, by default) so much joy! 🙂