DFD #8

In addition to Tyler’s Run, last Saturday was our eighth Disney Family Day.  The movie du jour was Cars – one of our favorites, for sure!

Technically, the girls had seen this one before (and I wasn’t trying to repeat yet).  I had forgotten though because it was when we were all sick several months ago, so we justified it by saying they hadn’t really paid much attention anyway.  Yeah, that’s it.  Besides, the food was adorable and I had found decor in the $0.50 clearance bin at Factory Card Outlet weeks before.  So Cars it was!

First things first, snack time which – since there was an abundance of desserts (and I’m not ashamed in the slightest because they were a-dorable) – was also themed.

Then we played “Where is Lightning McQueen?!”, also known as “Memory”.  Avery caught on quickly, and Elise had fun, too 😉

Dinner was simple buy yummy (Lightning’s Speedy Sandwiches, MACK-aroni & Cheese, Frank’s Garden Medley (Frank is the combine.  You’re welcome.), Fillmore’s Traffic Light Treats (“I’m telling you dude, every third blink is slower…”), Luigi & Guido’s Chocolate Tires and Mater’s Motor Oil Sundaes) and we had a great time!