Miss Meghan’s Music

As you might recall, there have been some changes to our beloved Music & Movement class.  As I suspected, we will finish out our classes we’ve already signed up for (one more), and then it will be a closed chapter.  However, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.  Despite not being quite enough to justify the cost and the drive with any regularity, we really did have a nice time at the latest class we visited, “Miss Meghan’s Music”.

Miss Meghan previously taught Musikgarten classes so there was a nice structure to the class, but there was also a fun mix of popular Children’s songs – including a new Laurie Berkner song we had never heard, which prompted the CD purchase and is now one of Avery’s & Elise’s favorites.  And for whatever reason, give Miss Meghan more bonus points because from the first minute they walked into the classroom the girls – especially shy, oft backwards Avery – couldn’t get enough of her!

After class we got to play with our friends Addy, Beth & Baby Liam.  Since naptime had been a big to-do in the days leading up to (and following) Monday, we weren’t in too big a rush to get home for nothing… so the girls got to play with the dinosaurs and reptiles, climb on the spider web, visit the fish, crawl through a new caterpillar tunnel, AND play in Water Works.  What a fun morning!