Tossed Aside

This past weekend, I took the girls to Build-A-Bear for the first time.  I had wanted to several times before and finally it seemed like the right time.

More on that later, including pictures.  But tonight, allow me a few minutes of crazy, would ya?

I love that Avery loves her new “Minnie Bear”.  I encourage her over and over to retell the story she already loves to recall, about it’s creation.  I encouraged her tonight to take the bear to bed with her.  It made me smile as she hugged on it and was so excited that “Minnie Bear came to Elise and Avery’s house”.

And then, I noticed her Disney Bear tossed haphazardly off the bed, ignored.  I asked her if she could still love it too, to which she promptly replied, “No”, and continued loving on Minnie Bear.

Disney Bear looks so little (despite being bigger than Avery when she came home from the hospital just 27 months ago), replaced by a bigger, newer friend.  Call me crazy, but it was a perfect little crappy metaphor of my growing babies, and I couldn’t help but shed a tear.  And another (or 30) as I’m retyping this.

And I may or may not have literally begged my two-year-old to give sweet, baby Disney bear a hug.  It may or may not have helped me feel better about the situation.  (It didn’t.)

I’m going to blame hormones, illness, and lack of sleep x 3 nights in a hotel bed with 2 toddlers.


  1. Um, boo! I’m not even a momma with babies growing up and that makes me so sad! (This coming from the girl who slept with like, eleven stuffed animals in her bed at age 15 because I couldn’t leave anyone out.) Seriously though, I understand where you’re coming from – stuff like that always makes me so sad!