Two New Phrases (Heard over and over (and over) again…)

Yeah, this is a quasi-lame, not-at-all-well-planned entry.  I know that if I wait for the stars to align, things never get posted.  So, two quick quips, both about… abstract concepts that the girls “get” that are kind of impressive to me?  Yeah, that’s it.  That’s why they’re connected.

1. “Till the light came on!”

Several weeks ago, we put the girls’ small bedroom lamp on a timer.  They were instructed (and caught on very quickly) to stay in bed until the light came on.  It was my (absolutely correct ;)) thought that their 4:45am wakeups were not, in fact, an appropriate time to get up.  Rather, that they were the product of anxious, energetic, little explorers stirring during a normal sleep cycle and jumping out of bed, deciding they’d rather be up than missing out on what the world was up to while they were sleeping.  I relate, all too well.

Anyway, the light technique, if it worked, would serve one of two purposes – either fine with us, at that exasperated point.  Either they would realize they are not allowed out of bed during the 4:00 hour (or 5:00 hour for that matter), and they would roll back over and go to sleep…. or they would at least play (somewhat) quietly in their beds, thereby not climbing on the dresser in the dark and destroying their room.  Or themselves.

I’m happy to report that – aside from one or two “incidents” which shall not be mentioned – they’re doing really well.  The earliest I’ve heard them in quite a while is 5:30, and usually I can ignore them until the light comes on at 6:15.  And as toddlers often are (hence the “early” potty training discussions we’ve had here, etc), they are still, 5? weeks later, SO proud when they accomplish such a feat as staying in bed till the light came on!

2. “See you after the papers are all gone!”

This one will get it’s own entry, even if just picture now that I’ve told the story prematurely.  Yesterday, we started a paper chain countdown for our trip to Disney World (in 35 days!).  We went to Columbus over the weekend and had to distinguish the “Little, Columbus hotel” from the hotels we’ve been talking about for weeks that will be our home in WDW.  In over a month.  Which is an eternity to 2-year-olds (and their mama).

It took 1 explanation for Elise and Avery to understand the chain.  Every morning we take down a piece of paper, and when they’re all gone we go to Disney World.

This morning, 930834 times and counting, they have called various characters including, but not limited to: Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Chip, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.  In each conversation, they say, “Hello? [Cinderella]?  Yep.  See you in Disney World.  See you after the papers are gone.  Bye!”.  And no fewer than 4 times already has Avery gone up to see that, in fact, the papers are still there.  After which she proceeds to tell me, “Elise, Avery, Mommy, and Daddy go to Disney World when papers are all gone.  On lots and lots of different days after sleeping.”.  Hmm…. I think that means she understands.  Time will tell.


  1. Such smart little girls!