Columbus, Day 1

How has it been 2 weeks since we were in Columbus?  Time is out of control, it would seem, rushing by as if nobody begged it (repeatedly) to slow the heck down!

Anyway, I suppose technically “Columbus, Day 1” was September 30th.  But that day we drove up, had an absolutely horrendous experience checking in our hotel (for several hours), and slept (sort of).  There you go, you’re caught up.

The REAL first day there, was much better.  First stop after killing some time with my early birds in Target (and Krispy Kreme!) was Polaris Fashion Place.  One of my favorite malls, and one of few that still has a Disney store, however small.  We (purposefully) got there a bit early though, to play in their great kids area before it got ridiculously crowded.  Lots of great pictures in Picasa, here are just a few —

After the shops opened, it was time to hit “The Mickey Store”, among a few other places.  We met Miss Leah for lunch, and then were off to another great shopping center nearby (Easton, for the locals… but if you’re local you probably already made that deduction!).

Elise and Avery were very well behaved while Leah and I chatted.  We spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at the adorable model trains (each with themes such as circus animals, Thomas the Tank Engine, and – of course – the Buckeyes).  We ate several snacks, if I recall correctly.  We wandered around aimlessly in a bookstore for an absurd amount of time looking for a restroom.  Or maybe it only seemed like it while one or two two-year-olds desperately had to pee.

The highlight of the day though, aside from the demoralizing effect it would have on me later, was Build-A-Bear.  Nevermind that we have a BAB locally, it was this day that it was finally time for the girls to make their first.  Each of them chose a skin (“It doesn’t have a belly yet!”) from the limited selection I gave them 😉 and they were off to stuff them!  Avery, as she will still tell you to this day, “was too tired to like that part” – meaning the somewhat loud fluffer things that stuff the bears.  She’ll then proceed to tell you that “Elise made her bear a belly,” and that “Miss Leah had to make Avery’s bear’s belly because Avery was too tired”.  If you’re lucky, you’ll only hear about it those two times before moving on 🙂

Both girls were very sweet putting a heart in their bears (but not before giving it a kiss first to make it extra special!), bathing and brushing their bears, and promising to love them.  (Perhaps too much, right?)

When it was time to give each bear a name, the girls needed a bit of direction.  We gave them a list, and – to nobody’s surprise – we left with Minnie Bear and Daisy Bear.

As you know, they love them dearly.

Eventually, it was time to head back to the hotel.  Kyle surprised us by skipping the banquet that evening and spending it with us, so the day really was nearly perfect!  Dinner was a bit of a disaster (remind us to try this place next time we’re in town – but not on a Friday night!) —

and we ended up eating sliders from the hotel restaurant and snacks from home on the hotel bed.  Hey, sometimes you have to do whatever works!

Lots more pictures in Picasa.  Thanks again, Leah, for keeping us company during the day!