Columbus, Day 2 (And "Day 3")

Our second day in Columbus was spent mostly at the Columbus Zoo.  Kyle and I had been several times, and the Elise and Avery went once – but we thought they might really enjoy it these days, so we were really looking forward to it.  It seems they’ve really gotten things back in full swing too (compared to the last couple of visits), so it was a very nice day.

Our first “land”, if you will, was North America.  The girls’ favorite part was the petting zoo.

We saw lots of other animals, and really had a productive day.  The girls napped in their stroller for a little while and missed some, but for the most part we covered the entire zoo and had a lot of great animal interaction.  There was even a fun playground, a few mascots to meet and hug, and very mediocore, very over-priced food.  Ok, that part wasn’t so great… but all in all, we had a wonderful day there!

(My favorite few minutes of the day, though I’m sad that an urgent potty break meant Kyle and Avery had gone through ahead of us) —

There are some more pictures in Picasa, and I’ll “warn you” that the following video has no footage of my daughters.  If you have a minute though, it is really cool and well worth it if you like animals at all.  These guys were totally showing off!

Finally back at the hotel, it was time to swim.  For about 30 seconds (Avery and I) – 5 minutes (Kyle and Elise), because it was too freaking cold in the pool area despite being indoors.  The girls got to try out their new Ariel swimsuits though, which are not at all as small as they look in this goofy picture!

We ordered Donato’s and had another picnic on the bed (on purpose this time), and really enjoyed our time together.  The girls got to sleep in Mommy & Daddy’s bed, because we wanted to practice (read: see if we’d survive) that sleeping arrangement for WDW.  They’ve never slept with us when not deathly ill, so their generally terrible at it.  At a slightly older age though than the last time we tried, they listened really well and it was actually kind of fun – in special circumstances.  Beats feeling guilty about them spending 9 nights on pack n play “mattresses”…. and at least we’ll have that option as a backup if necessary.  It’s nice to know they did really well.  I’m secretly looking forward to watching them sleeping so sweetly again, even if it does mean I sleep less (or not at all).  Ask me how I feel about that after more than 2 consecutive nights. 😉

The next day we had intended to go to Cosi, but since it didn’t open until late and we didn’t want to get back to Cincy so late in the evening, we decided instead to just take our time getting home.  (Is that possible when the drive is only 90-minutes to begin with?  Turns out it is, thanks to some outlet shopping and stopping for lunch).

We had a really nice little getaway despite things not going as planned.  Hey – any time I get to spend with my little family is good to me!