Before the “Aladdin & Jasmine Party”, the girls and I had a busy morning with Nana at HallZOOween.  But first, lunch (and fake ice cream) on the $5 twins club sale score that I picked up for their house.  So cute!

It was a Saturday so the zoo was already more crowded than I prefer, but oh my gosh – it was insanely packed.  I don’t remember wall to wall people, but that’s what we found.  We’ll see when we go back this afternoon if it can get any worse.  (I’m betting it can.)
So, we mostly made our way to the various treat stations and saw an animal or two along the way.  The girls had a great time, and we lost track of how many compliments we got on their costumes – which are, by the way, gorgeous.  One of three (pairs of) good things that came from the Florence Disney Store closing, the other two to be debuted at a later date.  
The zoo has WAY better treat offerings than Howl-o-fest, so we snacked on bananas, ice cream and some candy, as well as getting lots of food coupons, a toothbrush and more fun things.  We saw a few of the animals playing with their pumpkins (leftover from demonstrations we weren’t going to fight crowds to see this year), and Elise and Avery adored seeing all the kids (and adults!) in their costumes, too.
Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment! (Please note the Hello Kitty socks.  I pick my battles.) More in Picasa, as is often the case!