DFD #12

Next on the list was our “Incredibles Party”!

First up, as you might have guessed by now (you smarty pants!), was coloring pages.  Let’s be fair now though, we haven’t done them every DFD.  And besides, the Elise and Avery practically live to color.  Am I justifying this to anyone but myself, anyway? 🙂

Then we watched one of Kyle’s favorite movies, The Incredibles.  I’d like it much more if it weren’t literally more than 2 hours long.  It’s just really hard to not push the limit with a 2-hour animated movie.  During dinner, Kyle and I figured out exactly which scenes/stories/details/characters should have been cut in order to reduce it just ~15 minutes but improve the overall film by probably at least 27.924%, but that’s boring.  Unless you’re Kyle and me.

Dinner was simple but effective (if you asked me, which you did by coming here ;)), and we had a good time introducing the girls to characters they really knew very little about before the “party”.

By the way, those twisted cake rolls?  Revolting, despite how delicious they look.  Just trust me on that one.

Next up, Tinker Bell!