Scary Face Pancakes

Yesterday at IHOP, kids got free “Scary Face” pancakes – so how could we resist?!

First, these things were HUGE.  I should have only ordered one, but where would be the fun in that?  I only gave each girl half a pancake, but it hardly mattered – they were most interested in the toppings.

You see, the pancakes came out with purposefully placed whipped cream blobs where eyes and a mouth might go, and a strawberry nose.  In little bowls on the side, came cookie eyes and candy corn teeth – so cute (and so yummy!)

Elise really enjoyed making her face and sort of enjoyed eating it.

Avery enjoyed telling me “No!” when I tried to show her how to make a face, eating just the candy and cookies separate from the pancake, and then demolishing the pancake by itself.  Whatever works, right?

And how cute is the finished product!?