DFD #13

After a late-season lineup change (including having to unwrap and switch out movies from the Christmas stash), our thirteenth Disney Family Day was Tinker Bell themed!

I was going to let the girls dress up in their Tink costumes, but didn’t have the energy.  Don’t worry, they would get to the following day – and you’ll get to see them in the following post.  But for this day, it was Fairies shirts and Tinker Bell socks.  They were happy enough with that. 🙂

First, because in Pixie Hollow Tink and her friends are responsible for nature and the changing of the seasons on “the mainland”, what better materials to work with for an art project than that which is pretty much the symbol of our current season – leaves!  We did leaf prints, and Elise and Avery thought they were so cool.  I think these might hang on the window for quite a while!

Dinner was good enough, but you have to use your imagination on some of the abstract connections…. 😉

Avery can’t wait to tell Tinker Bell that we enjoyed her favorite treat, Pumpkin Muffins!