DFD #14

Our second-to-last Disney Family Day was one I had been looking forward to for a while but, of course, had to separate from our Little Mermaid party for potentially obvious similarities.  Yes, I put that much thought into scheduling these things.  Yes, I know I’m a giant nerd.

SO…. the day finally arrived this past weekend, and we had our “Nemo Party”.  Avery and Elise were quite excited, and we had a really fun afternoon.
First, we made paper plate jellyfish.  

Next we watched the movie, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed (minus the (several) parts we skipped, because wow there are some scary ones!).  After the movie, while I finished dinner, Elise, Avery and Kyle made their “Tank Gang Treats”.  Don’t worry, I got to make mine earlier – so I didn’t miss out on the fun! 

Finally it was time for dinner (yeah… I seriously couldn’t come up with anything better than fish sticks, despite how wrong that is.  Don’t worry, there is a worse one coming up in one of the final DFDs….).

More in Picasa…. and by the way, we leave for WDW in one week!  We’ve certainly had fun thus far with our new “countdown”!