Halloween 2010

Because we don’t really care about Halloween all that much, we just let the girls pick from their dress up costumes this year.  Horrible mother?  Nah, the girls had fun and we made good memories together.  Aside from the candy, Halloween is very take-it-or-leave-it for Kyle and I.  It’s not that we dislike it per se, we just sort of think of it – in its current incarnation – as one step up from Sweetest Day on the list of Hallmark Holidays… and we have a love-hate relationship with the candy, too. 😉

Anyway, both girls chose to wear their Cinderella dresses (“We already oozed (used) Tinker Bell and Ariel, mama!”) – and both were absolutely adorable, of course!

First stop was the “Harvest Hop” at Nana, Pappy & Cassi’s church.  The girls said hello, showed off their beautiful dresses, and played a few of the preschool games.

Elise’s favorite was the one in which she took the tic-tac-toe beanbags and threw them onto the Penny Toss board.  Renegade!

Avery preferred to throw pennies at the Penny Toss board, but insisted on launching them overhand.

She also thought the ping pong balls (for a tossing game) were her “treat”, and thoughtfully chose one to deposit in her bag.

We didn’t stay long because they haven’t been napping well (don’t pretend you’re shocked) and we wanted to be closer to home at bedtime.  We went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood on just one street for a little while, as it got later (and was just above freezing).

When they aren’t making me want to drop kick them or staple them in the corner, two-year-olds are hilariously fun.  I bet they’d even make Sweetest Day – and the days without any formal “celebrations” – a legitimately great day.