On Defiance.

When the girls were newborns, Kyle went right back to work and worked a million hours a week.  You know that.  You might also recall that we would go, for hours on end, to Columbus, to the outlet malls, to Florence, to anywhere to get out of the house.  Literally, hours.  I can recall people at that point being surprised I was out so much by myself.  I said then (and no, this isn’t a case of looking back and realizing how easy it was, I said then) – “Newborns are so easy.  Talk to me again when I have two in the terrible twos, or – worse – two teenagers”.

I knew I was right, I just wish I wasn’t so right.  For every moment that is so amazing with these smart, funny, fabulous girls, there are 10 that are just plain hard – and I don’t play this card ever, but (according to folks that know both), exponentially harder with multiples.  I can’t tell you how often I want to scream from the rooftops, to paraphrase a friend with a child the same age: they really are good kids! I swear I’m not a terrible parent!

Alas, I don’t get to scream.  At least not that.

I hate how quickly they are growing up.  And I hate that I find myself wishing this time away as often as I do, but they are so. freaking. rotten.  Like, every day.  Not all day, but every day.  My husband – who is practically world-renowned for being the most even-keeled person in the history of the universe – agrees, and was probably sort of happy to go back to work after being with them 24/7 on vacation.  Eh, maybe not 😉

Ok, pity party over.  I love Elise and Avery to the moon and back (name that book!), and am thankful every moment that they are mine.  The grownups in this house could just use some extra prayer for the next year or so (and again when they are two teenage girls!).  And the Christmas tree might come down before we finish eating turkey on Thanksgiving.


  1. I hear ya Jen. And i fear sometimes that 3 may be worse than two. It’s like for every ten wonderful moments we have the one horrible one has to be in public and on display for the world. I am learning to ignore it, count, and we have lots of time outs in various locations! And it is harder with multiples, when one has drama the other is trying to give a play by play or be bossy or wants to know exactly why that one is in trouble..and many times they just egg each other on dont they! I do think that in many scenarios they do share a little better but not always. Anyway, sorry to get so long winded but I just wanted to respond with a little tea and sympathy!


  2. No apology, it’s great to hear from you here – and the sympathy is priceless! 🙂

    I hear that it’s either 3 or 2 which is completely horrendous – depending on personality, development stages, etc. I’m hoping that’s true, because I know for a fact we’re there – and hope it ends sooner rather than later! 🙂

    And I can relate to the public meltdowns and discipline. We found so many corners in WDW it wasn’t even funny…

  3. Jennifer,
    You are not alone and you know that : ). I try to remember that it is a stage and it will end eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later! We both have amazing 2 year olds and even thought they drive us crazy some days, we have to remember how much worse it could be and how lucky we are. We need to get these four rotten girls together soon.


  4. I’ve read your blog for years. Hang in there. I have “Irish twins” girls 16 months apart. 2-3 is rough, but it does get better. And when you look back, you won’t remember all the horrid times, just the sweet moments. They are 15 & 16 now. And yes, teenagers really can be just big toddlers! On the one hand it breaks my heart to think about them going off to college in just another year or so, but at other times — it looks really good – lol!

  5. Stacy, we DO need to get together. It’s been too long, and it would be nice to commiserate! 😉

    Thanks Anna, for the reminder and encouragement. It really does go quickly!