Thoughts on Departure Day…

Once upon a time, we went to Walt Disney World.  We had a magical time, then we came back home and I never talked about it again.  So it would seem, right?!  Really though, we came home and it was illness and Thanksgiving and Christmas choir (What? You didn’t know I was a choir director?  Yeah, I am.  But use that term loosely, please.  I’m kind of faking it. Don’t worry, they already know that.) and redoing rooms in our house.  Basically, I can only juggle 398024 things at once.  398025, and I’m sunk.

But alas, I thought it time to come on and say hello (again).  I will have you know I have been spending hours on photopass pictures (whittling from 400 to 250 or so, cropping, adding borders, placing orders, etc), videos (all edited and ready to go), and am in the middle of getting my snapshots ready too.  I had 1600+, but don’t worry.  You only have to sit through about 600.

Anyway, I wanted to have all of those particular ducks in a row before starting my “trip report”, but it would seem I’m going to be harassed until I acknowledge our trip.  So acknowledge, I will… but just with a teaser.  I promise though, I’m working on it.  A lot.

Thoughts on Departure Morning:
1. I love Mountain Dew. And my trip ritual of drinking said beverage.
2. Will I regret not having said beverage on the plane (per my usual ritual) because I’m drinking it on the way to Columbus, instead of buying it after we get through security?
3. Man, I’m thankful we bought a soft roof bag instead of something different.  I really think we’re going to have to take it (we did) in case we end up with a rental car with too little luggage space (we didn’t).
4. Hmm… I hope the roof bag fits in one of the carseat bags.
5. I wonder if we should check in at the hotel as soon as we can, or as close to the official “check in” time as possible for best results regarding location requests, etc?  I wonder if I’ll ever figure this out, since I am still wondering on my dozenth trip?  (Hey, dozenth is a funny-looking word.  That wasn’t a thought then, just now.)
6. I’m so glad I embraced my neuroses and didn’t try to shower last night so that I could “sleep in” this morning.  We all know I can’t do that, and now my hair looks pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.
7. Nobody is going to see my hair, because I’m never in pictures – especially on travel day.
8. I don’t have a problem with that.
9. What is the best way to feign thinness in pictures?  I wonder if I’ll ever figure that out, since I’m still wondering on my dozenth trip?  And having now been NOT thin for most of them.
10. I wonder what I should do differently with this “trip report”?  I’m pretty sure people should be getting bored of me.  Seriously, it’s just not the same as being there.

And with regards to #10, let me just add one more thing.  Oh, how I wish I could have had a video camera for eyes.  I know people get all awkward and pretend to not enjoy home movies, but MAN my girls are cute. And funny.  And seeing Walt Disney World through their eyes again, as toddlers who could fully anticipate what was next, was just as magical as every other time.  I wish you could have been there.  All of you.  Though admittedly, I wouldn’t want to try and tour WDW with all of you at once.  That would just be a disaster, and I sort of like the groove we have 😉

More to come…. I swear!