Latest Portraits

Whoa, four entries in a day?!  That’s right.  I’m on a roll.  Scroll down for Days 1 and 2 (3 parts total) of our WDW trip report… and check out how adorable my girls were (are!) in their Christmas/2.5 Year Portraits.  (Here, if you prefer to look slower/differently).


  1. Wow, I came to do a check in and there’s tons to read and enjoy. (Bonus that it’s full of Disney!)

    These pictures are fantastic! It’s no easy task to get two little ones to look great in the same picture, but your photographer did wonderful. (Of course, she had adorable subjects!)

  2. Thanks, Suzanne! Our photographer is good, but it’s the rapport she’s built with the girls taking their pictures each time that helps for sure. They can’t wait to go see her! 🙂