Holiday in Lights

Last night, we went to Holiday in Lights for the first time in years.  See, it got really expensive for what it was, if you don’t have kids.  A mile or so of Christmas displays (some not nearly as cute as others), and it was the quickest $12 you’d blow all season.  Recently though, they added “Santaland” in the Sharon Centre, with carolers, holiday treats, a train display, a puppet show, and the play area for free (during the event).  With all of that at no additional charge, and once our girls decided they (finally) love Christmas lights (so long as we promise they “aren’t loud” – seriously, Avery is a bit crazy :)), we decided this year it might be worth another try.

With the new additions, it was definitely more worth our while.  The lights display (as most things tend to be) was much more enjoyable with little ones in tow.  The Sharon Centre was bustling, and you know that a transplant of WDW’s “Dickens Carolers” can make anything great.  Even Elise and Avery agreed, clapping wildly after each song and melting in a flurry of excitement when they did “Jingle Bells”, “just like Avery asked!” 🙂  They didn’t care for the Scrooge puppet show but loved the toy train table (and sort of tolerated the actual train display, which was not NEARLY as cool ;)).

I’m not sure it will ever make our “must do” list, but we had a really nice evening.  And that was all just icing on the cake after a perfect, beautiful blanket of white snow (but no messy roads – just right), a fun day with all of us home in our pajamas, and dinner at Culver’s.  ‘Tis the season for family!