WDW: Nov 14

November 14th

Nobody slept in our new digs.  Bed too small to share, no pack and plays (at the time!), girls too mobile sleepers to share the pullout yet, etc.  At about 3am Kyle and Avery moved to the pullout, but it didn’t matter.  We slept horribly.  I must say though, when I couldn’t sleep and decided to get up at 5, I appreciated the “hallway” and separate bathroom over the moderate resorts’ curtain dividers! 😉  Since I was up early, after I was ready for the day I ran to get milk (downstairs – awesome location by the lobby), did some laundry, etc. It’s ironic how much I love to do laundry on vacation, knowing that nothing else is “open” and it saves me from having to do it when we begrudgingly return home!

After a major delay on the monorail, we missed the rope drop at the Magic Kingdom – but were still in by about 9:15.  We waited (entirely too long) for the girls’ first trip on Astro Oribter, and then headed over to Toontown to see some princesses again.  We literally walked right in (that’s what I’m talking about!), and had a great time talking with Cinderella and friends and learning to curtsy in their beautiful dresses.

After Toontown we rode roundtrip on the Railroad and then headed back into Tomorrowland.  There I got my record high score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and we ate lunch with Sonny Eclipse.  Having loved this restaurant (and even his “show”) for years, I just adore that my girls find him just as charming.  They sang along with the two songs they know, danced (both in their seats and, afterward, out), and lunch was one of our favorites again.  I must say though, it was here that I decided (officially) that WDW had replaced our beloved Ken’s Honey Mustard with a crappy Kraft substitute.  If Cosmic Ray’s had done it (along with two previous joints), it must be “World”wide.  Boo, boo, boo.  First they replaced the Chicken Fingers, and now the world’s greatest dipping sauce… unacceptable! 😉

Naptime was a lot of fun for the two of us who weren’t sleeping.  We strolled through Fronteirland, played a game of checkers (if you can call it a game when one person gets utterly demolished), listened to the Main Street Philharmonic playing Christmas carols, and searched for some Hidden Mickeys.

Elise woke up much earlier than Avery, but after the previous night we weren’t about to try and fix that.  Instead, I took her on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, we shopped in the Bazaar (such a cool place, with lots of unique stuff!), and we hung out in our new favorite “secret” spot nearby.  When Avery finally woke up, we got a Dole Whip and headed for the Jungle Cruise.  After our trip on the rivers of the world, Avery saw the Magic Carpets and REALLY wanted to ride.  It was only fair, so Kyle took her on before we left the park.

The second half of our day was once again spent at Epcot.  We started with Spaceship Earth, which the girls again enjoyed.  (“Hey, it’s a Jesus ride!” “See that prince [Prince Gutenburg ;))]?” “Oh, look at all those beautiful space stars!”)  Who says Epcot isn’t enjoyable for kids?! 🙂

Next, we asked the girls if they wanted to ride the Nemo ride again.  Of course we were answered with an enthusiastic YES, so we walked  hopped like bunnies (?) all the way over to the Seas pavilion, said hello to the Seagulls, and rode the ride “Again, again!”.

Next we headed over to the other side of Future World so Kyle could ride Mission:Space and the girls could play in the “playground” inside.  Avery decided at first that she didn’t like it, and insisted that she was just going to watch Elise climb.  Thankfully, by the time I rode (since the line was literally non-existent – as in, Kyle didn’t see another single person when he rode!) she had changed her mind, and they had a great time.  When it was my turn, the line had grown exponentially to about 7 people, but I suppose that beat the previous days’ crowds! 😉

When we were finished there, it was time to head back across the park for dinner at Garden Grill.  After trying this on our last trip and having such a great experience, we were really excited to be there again – despite rarely repeating anything (except Chef Mickey’s) on back to back trips.  Our excitement wasn’t unwarranted, as dinner was delicious again, the characters (and our children) adorable, and the service fantastic.  I actually got seconds of salad it was so good, before I even got a piece of bread.  Cassi, pick yourself up off the floor!  I even got a birthday card from the staff and Mickey+friends, and an extra special (extra delicious!) slice of cake!

Stuffed with entirely too many desserts (my cake, a few bites of the girls (my favorite, cookies & cream mousse), and trying the apple dessert that didn’t compare to what they served previously), we were back at the van around 7:30, and hoping for a good night back at the hotel!

As always, most of the pictures (and some of the cutest) are in the Picasa album!