WDW: Nov 16.2

November 16th, cont’d

The reason we had planned our trip in December was almost entirely for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  It combines all of my favorite things, and I hadn’t been since 2007.  Kyle hadn’t been since 2005, and when Elise and Avery went (also in ’07) they hadn’t even developed the sense of hearing yet in utero, so I’m not sure they got much out of it.

We were so excited to be back, even if our girls’ schedule prevented us from really getting “much” out of it this year either.  The excitement just built steadily as we arrived, especially for the girls who even got bracelets upon admission (even though we hadn’t had to pay for them)!  Coolest part of the night they could ever imagine, and it cost somebody (and not us) a couple of cents.  Ha!

Inside the park, we got a few photopass pictures in an effort to get some good Christmas card pictures in outfits I had tracked down all over the city.  It wouldn’t happen, which is weird.  I hardly bothered with our camera since theirs had tripods, etc but wow – all of them (you’ll see on photopass!) looked like they were using old point and shoots without any training instead of being quasi-professional photographers.  Oh, well.  I’m happy with our Christmas card, and the outfits weren’t too expensive.  Besides, Avery adored her Christmas clothes (“like Minnie’s!”).

We stayed on Main Street USA for a while, until the castle lights show was over.  Ahh, just as magical as I had remembered.  Seriously, it’s breathtaking.  The castle lights (new in 2007) were THE reason I took a solo trip while pregnant with twins.  They were worth it then, and haven’t lost any of their beauty!

Instead of the dinner we had planned, we ate at Pecos Bills along with the rest of the world.  It worked out alright though, because as soon as we got out people were already lining up for the first parade.  Holy cow.  We still somehow ended up with the best. spot. ever (and we LOVE the spot that has been “ours” for several years… but if a parade starts in Fronteirland again I think it just got beat!).   Thankfully the girls were content to dance and sing with the (loud, wonderful) Christmas music, and the hot chocolate and cookies and apple slices were to die for as always.  You may recall that when I was pregnant I ate about 10 bags of apple slices at the party, and not a single cookie, because of my weird sweets aversion.  You’ll be happy to know I’ve regained my senses. 🙂

As much as I love the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade (a ton), and as much as the girls love any parade (a ton), I never could have anticipated how enamored they would be with this one, on this night.  I wish I could relive it over and over again!

After the parade was over, we headed to Adventureland to get some more treats (still free!), and just walked around soaking up the atmosphere.  I have to mention, by the way, that Disney World is kind of cool.  (hehe).  In each land, the Christmas music changed to match the theme – country music in Fronteirland, steel drums in Adventureland, etc.  A brilliant touch!

The only other thing we anticipated doing (since we knew the girls wouldn’t stay awake for any shows if we went to the first parade, but had to go to the first parade since the second was at 10:30 – and we have toddlers ;)) was the dance party with Bullseye, Jessie, and Woody.  It was adorable (complete with Bullseye dancing to “Single Ladies” – hilarious – and Elise joining me for the electric slide), but the girls were too tired to last long.  That’s a bummer too, because it would have been perfect for drowning out fireworks!

Instead, while I watched Holiday Wishes (a must do for me, and the one fireworks display I wish we’d have had the girls sit through instead of Illuminations, because I think it’s less traumatizing ;)), Kyle and the girls walked through some shops.  As long as they aren’t forced to acknowledge the fireworks, Elise and Avery both do okay.

Overall, as we were leaving with the masses (seriously – if your kids are not toddlers, do as we always did pre-kids — second parade and stay to the end.  You’ll be amazed at the difference when all the parents and little ones leave at the same time!), we knew it was a very successful night.

At about 10:30, we were at the van, ready to return to the hotel.  Elise was out cold before we even reached the monorail at the Magic Kingdom, but Avery stayed awake, once again entertaining the crowds.  “Hey, we didn’t see the Mickey restaurant in the hotel!” (because we took a different monorail line that went the opposite direction).  (Seriously, how does she know this stuff?!)

Once we were driving, she fell asleep quickly – and for what might be the first time in our entire lives together, both girls stayed asleep as we transferred them to their beds.  Score!

It was all just as wonderful as I had hoped it would be, and it was finally “Christmastime”.

(Pictures – including some of my favorites – in Picasa).