WDW: Nov 17

November 17th

Last day = boo.  We hung out around the hotel finishing up the packing and checking our bags until about 9:30, when we were off to Epcot!

First stop was, of course, the Nemo ride (yes, again).  Thank goodness it really is a great ride! 🙂  Afterward, be it clumsiness or post-concussive issues, Avery fell a dozen more times, including out the side of the stroller.  She was fine, but it was pretty bizarre!

The whole trip, I had been craving popcorn every time we walked by one of the stands.  I’m not a huge popcorn fan and it’s not a good use of money or snack credit at WDW, so we never get it.  We had plenty to spare though and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so we did that next.  We won’t anymore, it really wasn’t good.  Now hopefully I can remember that for another 5 or 6 years until the next time we “have” to have it! 😉

Next we stopped at Electric Umbrella again just to get the girls a quick lunch since our final planned meal was not until much later.  We snuck in a quick visit with Marie and Aurora before naptime, which was yet again super sweet.  Aurora and the girls talked about Prince Philip and Samson (his horse) and, though very shy all of a sudden, Elise sang mumbled “Once Upon a Dream” to their (current) favorite princess.  While they napped for an hour or so, Kyle and I wandered one final time (this trip) in my favorite place in the World.  We went to Mouse Gears for a little while and then spent some time in Italy, Japan (Mitsukoshi), and a few other World Showcase stops before sitting and relaxing by the lagoon.  It was another perfect afternoon!

When the girls woke up, we rode “the Donald Boat Ride” again (where “Avery looooves the quiet fireworks!”) and made it back to Italy for our 2pm meal at Via Napoli.  The ambiance was nice, but the meal was extremely disappointing.  We’ll stick with Tutto Italia (or just make it (together this time) to the real place) for something good.  Elise and Avery did like watching the pizzas being made, “just like Elise and Avery and mama did at our home!”.

The girls’ last request for our vacation was to ride the Vegetable Boat Ride again, so that’s where we headed.  On our way back to the front of the park, the drawbridge was up in World Showcase so they could get the Illuminations globe and barges into the lagoon.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Avery was immediately wrought with fear, crying and insisting on “no fireworks!”.  No amount of conversation about how the fireworks come out when the sun goes to sleep and the sun is still awake and it’s daytime and Mommy promises there are no fireworks and we’ll be back in Columbus and – breathe – anything would convince her.  So we resorted to distraction while we waited.

Eventually, it all passed and we were on our way back to Future World.  We rode Living with the Land and then grabbed a meal from Sunshine Seasons (to go, for dinner at the airport – we aren’t that gluttonous!) since we had the credit left and missed out on lunch there earlier.  I was bummed that our vacation was really close to its end, but Avery was getting quite excited to leave so she could fly on an airplane again.  (Don’t get any ideas though, as soon as we were in the air they were both confused by why we couldn’t go on the Nemo ride again “tomorrow”).

Boarding was fine despite having a “B” boarding pass (someone forgot to check in at the 24-hour mark … seriously, that’s what happens when you mess with schedules on vacation! 😉).  We got to sit together, though much farther back than we would have otherwise chosen.  The flight was fine, the girls each slept a bit, and before we knew it we were back on the ground in freezing cold Ohio.

Elise never woke up once from the plane to the stroller and throughout the airport (always has been my best sleeper!), while Avery and I blew bubbles in the lobby waiting for our luggage and again waiting for Kyle to come back with and load the car.

We were en route to home at about 10:30, but still had a long drive ahead of us.  Poor Kyle had to work the next morning, so it was back to the grind quickly for all of us!  Sweet Elise cried the next morning when she really put together that we couldn’t sleep at the hotel anymore or go to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and the Studios and Animal Kingdom for a while.  Yeah, tough lesson kid.

Hopefully they’ll grow up, though, realizing how blessed we are for every time we get to spend such trips together in what is fast becoming one of their favorite places, too.

(Final pics up in the WDW Picasa Album! Thanks for playing! :))