EnterTRAINment Junction

So there’s this place called EnterTRAINment Junction nearby.  We know friends that love it, but we’ve never made it over.  Our girls only love trains so much (aside from train tables, which are always a hit), so we weren’t sure there would be enough to justify the cost of admission.  When I read about their free holiday exhibit, I thought it would be the perfect time to head over and check it out.  I have to say, it’s one of the places we’ll be getting a membership to for 2011, and we’re excited.  It’s really cool, and I’m sure there will be more on it to come…

For now though, we mostly just saw the Christmas train displays.  They were phenomenal, and this room is just a small portion:

There were themed sets like the adorable amusement park, and the “Wonderland Express” set that was like a giant, giant scavenger hunt.  Elise and Avery had a great time looking around, and would get excited when some of their favorite trains would go by.

They also had cute little photo spots, and – in the gift shop – a Thomas table to play with for a little while when mommy went to check out what the rest of the place would entail.

We had a great time, and didn’t even see the area designed just for little ones to run and play.  Can’t wait to go back, and (eventually) we’ll share more when we do!


  1. We have passes to the Junction. We’ll have to meet you one day. It is Henry’s FAVORITE place 🙂

  2. Amy, you are one of the people I know that loved it and made us want to try it in the first place. I just couldn’t justify paying the admission without knowing if they’d even like it.. but we’d love to join you now that we know better! 🙂