Nativity Set

So for ages, I’ve wanted to get the girls the Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set.  I couldn’t ever find quite the right one (so many have wisemen at the scene and not shepherds, which is weird).  I was being picky, but if I was going to spend the money on it I wanted the one from the catalog that had the pieces I wanted.  (Don’t worry, if anyone got it for the girls off of their list, we still want it.  With any combination of pieces. And thank you. :))

However, in my waiting, I found the following set, and we just adore it.

It’s not nearly as sturdy as the Little People set so I’m not sure if it will last forever like the other will if/when we get one, but it’s so, so cute.  Even if  Especially since Lucy is playing Mary, instead of playing The Christmas Queen.