Cookie Day 2010 By the Numbers

  • 19 different recipes made
    • 8 “non-cookie” varieties
    • 11 cookie varieties, not counting double batches of some
  • nearly 500 items, obviously not including (at all) the pretzels, popcorn, etc
  • yes, 42 dozen things, without including half of the selection
  • 8.5 hours (which might be record time, especially considering we had only 1 dough pre-made, and absolutely nothing else done that we usually try and accomplish in advance (truffles, insides of buckeyes, etc ready to be dipped)
  • a handful (sure, that’s a number!) of totally bizarre snafus, for this usually ridiculously organized bunch of bakers.  We’re talking timers not set, ovens turned off (with nobody noticing, until cookies weren’t getting finished), weird Papa John’s situations, inaccurate government websites (re: post office hours), Caramel Popcorn bricks and managing the largest folding table in existence.
  • 2 Great Grandparents watching our little “helpers”, instead of Kyle taking them out.  This actually turned out quite well!
  • 18 years of knowing the coolest sister anywhere.  Ok, so not cookie day related per se, but we did celebrate that evening.  Oh yeah, which brings me to 1 spiral ham, and a bunch of birthday dinner sides, which my mom cooked simultaneously.  In 1 oven.   (I really want a double oven in my next house, but I already knew that…)
And now some pictures, the rest in the December album.  Enjoy!


  1. I love all these facts! 😀 And thanks, you’re sweet. 🙂

  2. Cassi, you’re still the same! Never cold in the winter… :S

    Great job guys, amazing! Wish I were there to help you eat them. Now just tell us what your plans to do with them are!

  3. What can I say? I just don’t get cold. 🙂