Great Wolf Lodge

Just like last year, we carved out time this week to visit the Great Wolf Lodge lobby for Snowland and the “Grand Lobby Snow Show”.  Like last year, we arrived a bit early to explore (and decide, again (still?), that we really need to come back for a night sometime soon!).  The girls loved the gorgeous, Christmas decorations —

the animals —

and the arcade.  They didn’t even need “coins” to have a great time!

The show is quite cute, at least with regards to the second (Christmas) half.  The audio animatronics sang a Great Wolf version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”, and then sang “Frosty the Snowman” and “Let it Snow” – at which point the lobby was filled with snow and giddy children.

It’s an indoor Winter Wonderland! 🙂

And of course, once again, my girls really just wanted to play in the waterpark.  This year, they talked about it in full sentences, and going “when we grow up”, and what kinds of swimsuits they’d wear, etc.  Last year it was just “Water! Water!” – but I think they meant the same thing.

OH!  And guess what?  I finally got the picture, with 2 kids looking (and zero crying).

We were going to stick around and check out the Cub Club per my manager-friend’s suggestion, but Elise was in pretty bad shape and in need of another breathing treatment.  It’s Christmas week, you know, we have to be sick! 😉  All in all, it was a fun morning for sure.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. Boo, I’m a terrible sister. 😛 I got your message about this and had every intention of calling back and saying thanks, but Jaime, Catherine, and Megan were over and we were going shopping later; the problem came in that I went to bed around three so I woke up, checked your message, then fell back asleep and forgot it ever happened…whoops. 🙂 Thanks again for inviting me though!