More Christmas Displays

You might have read about our trips to Holiday in Lights and the Festival of Lights earlier this year.  We also made a very conscious effort to skip Holiday Lights on the Hill, and instead wanted to try “Light Up Middletown”.  Wow, are we glad we did.  It was absolutely spectacular, and entrance is based on a donation only.  Since it was our first time and we weren’t sure what to expect, we just donated a few dollars to the park – but I have to say, they’ll have our money over Sharon Woods I think, for most years to come.  Sorry Hamilton County Parks, there’s just something about being asked to make a donation that makes giving $10-$12 (or even more) a lot more pleasant.  Not to mention the fact that, while a bit smaller in scale (though not noticeably so), the displays there were by far the best we saw anywhere.  Crystal clear lights, huge displays, great themed areas, and just so much less crowded and hectic.

Of course, that means you aren’t allowed telling anyone about it, either! 😉

No, but seriously.  We went on Sunday evening, and it was a very, very pleasant surprise just a few miles from us!  Sorry for the bad photo quality, nobody claims the flash-less iphone 3G takes good nighttime photos 😉

A few days earlier, we had also gone to Niederman farm for their “Walk through the Bible” display.  Also free, this is an event we try and do most years – especially now that it’s so close to our house!  We didn’t last long this year though, because it was downright COLD…

Really enjoying this holiday season with our sweet girls, and just the right balance of family outings and time at home.  Hope you and yours are finding quality time together, too!

More photos, of varying quality :), in the Picasa album.