Christmas Eve Eve Service

This was the entry where I was going to put a family picture of us, like 2 years ago.  Or maybe a picture of the 4 Corners choir (which was awesome, in spite of their direction).  Or the pretty Christmas tree on stage at church.  It was to be about traditions, and church family, and other feel-good things to kick off the Christmas weekend festivities before we head to Ottawa at o’dark thirty tomorrow.  There wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that, but I forgot to take pictures… and the night was really about so much more than that anyway.

There’s a video that’s been played (at least) the last 2 years to start the Christmas Eve Eve Service that grips my heart each time.  Here it is, if you have two minutes –

If not, the gist is this, as you might guess: amidst the busyness of the season – even the “good” busyness like church and family traditions – we ought to remember what it’s about.  That Jesus left the splendor of heaven to be born as a babe in a feeding trough, to live a life of complete servanthood, so that God could be near to us and us to Him.  Near to US – undeserving, unimportant though we are.  That we, like Jesus when he prayed, could call the God of the Universe “Abba”, or Dad(dy).  How amazing that he wanted – wants – that kind of intimate relationship with us.

Pretty cool.  And so cool to spend the evening reflecting on that gift and worrying less about how clean my bathrooms are for my family.  Turns out, I’m loved no matter what they look like.