Christmas 2010

Christmas was just perfect this year.  Elise and Avery were very excited by all of it, we got to spend several hours with each side of our family, there was beautiful snow on the ground but no road issues to deal with… hold on.  About that, I seriously forget what grass looks like, having not seen it in about 2 weeks.  Now that Christmas is over, can we be done with snow?  *sigh*  And to think that it all goes uphill until at least March…

Anyway, Christmas Eve was spent in Ottawa.  The girls did very well on far too little sleep, and everyone had a great time.

Grandpa Mike even picked out a special gift for the girls, which they still can’t get enough of!

Both girls crashed within 10 minutes on the road, snug in their new blankets 🙂

We were home, as is always important to us, in time to have dinner and a relaxing evening as a family on the eve before Christmas.  We enjoyed lasagna and garlic bread and our now-traditional Almond Pound Cake w/Strawberry Rhubarb Spread, read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and (eventually) went to bed.

Christmas morning we got up and read the Christmas story (this year in the form of an adorable book simply called, The Nativity), put the last ornament on our countdown calendar, and headed into the family room to see what we could find…

After we pried the girls away from the kitchen (for a little while, anyway), they enjoyed opening other gifts – though a modest amount, since the kitchen was pretty much The Thing this year.  Enjoy a few highlights…

Elise and Avery were so sweet.  Throughout both days, they’d be so enthralled (and so surprised…? :)) when they got something “just like Sissy!”

Later that morning, we headed over to the Lawless’ for a delicious (as always) brunch – but not before fighting over pictures in front of the tree.  (Seriously, fighting.  From these princesses (poses (all on their own) courtesy of our WDW trip which has been over for weeks)  …

The girls opened lots of toys for their playroom there, and got adorable little backpacks and wallets from Great Grandma Shirley & Grandpa Charlie.  As will apparently be the case much longer than I thought, they couldn’t care less about the bills in their wallet.  I swear, give them a choice between a penny and a hundred-dollar bill and they’ll take the penny every time! 🙂

At dinner time, Nana, Pappy, Cassi and Great Grandma Cora came over for our family Christmas with them.  We had a yummy dinner (roast, candied carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet rolls and chocolate pie), and opened still more gifts.  We are all quite loved, that’s for sure!  When the girls went to bed, the grown-ups played a game of Pictionary Man (so fun!) before calling it a night.

And now, the Christmas decorations are gone, Kyle is back to work (after an unprecedented 4 days off! Merry Christmas indeed!), and we’re back to “normal” – but with lots of fun new things to enjoy.

So now to start planning a vacation and a birthday party, right? 🙂

More pictures (of both days) in Picasa!