Museum and Crepes

About 3 years ago now, I read about It’s Just Crepes in the newspaper.  Yeah, I know – I NEVER read the newspaper, and yet by divine intervention I came across an article on this glorious (then) new restaurant.  I raved about its brilliance, I told everyone I knew about it, and I just knew that – without a doubt – it was to become my favorite restaurant anywhere in existence.

Yesterday, I finally tried it.  Yep, 3 years later.  What can I say, I work quickly!  Seriously though, when I hadn’t tried it within a few months (in this economy) and didn’t hear anything else about it, I assumed it had gone out of business and sort of forgot about it.  Then it came up on Groupon (It still exists AND a discount?!  Double bonus!) and it turns out they have not only survived, but thrived – with two additional locations.  I told the (awesome) staff working there that we’d frequent it on an at-least weekly basis (as would my friends, so you’ll have to help me out here!) if they’d open up in the suburbs.  Turns out it’s on their radar already, but perhaps my suggestion will be the one to put it over the top?  If it is, meet me there at 11:25 on the day it opens.  You won’t be disappointed.

ANYWAY… the four of us split two Savory crepes (the BBQ and Hawaiian) and two Sweet crepes (Blueberry Cream and S’mores) and, though I’m still beyond stuffed and plan on eating very little for the remainder of the day, I’m craving it again already.

They should pay me, shouldn’t they?  I’d even accept payment in food.  Alas, no deal.  But I’ll still rave about it, because it’s nothing short of heavenly.  I’m serious.

Before all that went down though, we also went to the museum.  You know, great family memories, cute kids, all that stuff you hear about here quasi-regularly.  We didn’t have a music class (much to the girls dismay 🙁 ) but we all had a good time anyway.  We shopped for a while, and played a super fun grocery matching game together —

Then we played in the water —

And finally in the Ball Room.

And then we went and ate crepes.  Amazing, delectable, spectacularly yummy crepes.  But I might have mentioned those already.

(More pictures in Picasa, mostly of my sweet children at the awesome Children’s museum we have here. But I’m not going to lie, there might be at least one of a crepe, too.)


  1. Leah Parr says:

    We had a Crepemaker in Memphis. Oh how I miss it! At least I know there’s something similar in Ohio. It’s definitely on my list next time I’m in Cincy!! 🙂

  2. Next time you’re in… it’ll be a date! 🙂