Princess Garden Party

Elise and Avery want their third birthday party to be a princess party.  Of course, I never should have expected anything different since they are dressed up as and pretending to be and singing the songs of various Disney princesses 84.3% of their waking moments.  Just take my word for it, I know I’m a total slacker when it comes to posting video.  Or taking video, for that matter.

Anyway, I had come up with half a dozen utterly brilliant and/or adorable ideas (if I do say so myself), all the while knowing I’d never convince them that any were cooler than the Disney Princesses.  And heck, I know they’re right.  So why the hesitation?

Because I’m neurotic.  And I love planning parties and decorating for parties, and a princess party just seemed so… cliche.  Especially for us.  And so easy!  No, I couldn’t have that.  (Maybe I’m also a bit of a masochist?)

Anyway, I decided that the challenge would be in the details.  And I kind of hate that I have to spoil the theme, but it’s just the way things have to be revealed.  It’s my blog, I make the rules.  I just sometimes don’t like them.

So after a lot of brainstorming and combining various ideas, themes, concepts, color selections, etc, I landed on a Princess Garden Party.  Which means it will rain on June 11th, mark your calendars.

In doing some research, it quickly came to my attention (thank you Google) that the Disney store also thought it a good theme, because they were holding events across the country on January 22nd.  Well of course I had to go!  Call it research, right?!

Then again, there was no hint of Garden anything, but we had a blast.  And maybe it wasn’t research after all (since I already have various diagrams and lists and digital design boards made up that had nothing to do with said “party” at the Disney Store)  – but do we really need an excuse to go up there?  Ok, so maybe Kyle does.  And we had one!

First, Elise and Avery donned their (current) favorite princess gowns and waited for the party to start.

Then it was time for the crowning ceremony (where my sweet, smart little girls spelled their names for the worker and made me so proud!), a relay race…

.. and a craft.  Each princess in attendance got to decorate a “beauuuuuuuutiful glass” (quote: Avery and Elise) with gemstones.

The best part though?  If you ask my two year olds, it was drinking their milk (during lunch at Flip Spot, our go-to restaurant at Polaris – love it and wish we had one instead of stupid Smashburger!) out of said beautiful glasses.  They really are something special!

Afterward we played on the Zoo Court, though it was ridiculously crowded (especially in comparison to last time we were there, on a weekday morning).

What a fun, quick trip to Columbus!