DFD 2.3: Meet the Robinsons

Sunday was a busy day for us!  I sang at church, which meant I was there from 7am-1pm.  Then during naptime, I set up for not one, but two “parties” at our house later that day.  They both ended up being pretty low-key (read: no activities), but still good, quality family time.

First up, was our Meet the Robinsons Disney Family Day!

Kyle and I LOVE this movie.  I’m not sure why it never did well, except that the marketing was terrible.  Maybe it’s a fine line to walk between showing some semblance of the plot versus giving away secrets, but I distinctly remember not having a clue what the movie was going to be about and CERTAINLY not knowing it was going to be a good story.

So anyway, while Elise and Avery obviously don’t grasp the most important concepts of it, they still enjoyed the movie a lot – every bit of it.

Dinner was Spaghetti and Meatballs, Goob’s Green (with envy) Salad, Stadium Peanuts, Fruit Hat Fruit Salad, Homerun Rolls, and Peanut Butter & Jelly cookies for dessert.

I feel like I’m slacking a bit on these “parties”, but the Elise and Avery still think they’re cool – and I THOROUGHLY enjoy cuddling with my sweet girls on the couch (which never happens otherwise!), introducing them to some of our favorites.

“Shake shake shake your peanut…” (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
More pictures in Picasa from the party, including Avery’s most-determined-peanut-opening-face-ever.


  1. Love the face!