DFD 2.4: Mary Poppins

Ever since we began watching various Disney musical numbers (incessantly) on YouTube, the girls have been in awe of Mary Poppins.  I wasn’t sure how well they’d do with the entire movie (it’s quite long, after all)… but they really enjoyed it.  Of course, it helps that there are like 958 songs crammed in the 2.5 hours.  And animated penguins.  And Dick Van Dyke as a penguin (priceless).

The party was lots of fun, too!  First we did a “Spoonful of Sugar” race.  Or that should read, Spoonful of Sugar “race” since it wasn’t much of a competition.  😉

We made our own chalk drawings like Bert…

… and kites to fly with the Banks family when Mr. Banks finally comes to his senses.

Dinner was light (as tea parties tend to be), but yummy.  You know, except for the part where the girls dipped their carrots and radishes in Cool Whip… though technically they swore that was tasty, too.


Lots more pictures in Picasa!