I’ve been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the drill…

(Anyone other than Cassi get the reference?  Still love me some Owl City.)

Anyway, I apparently DON’T know the drill when it comes to the Pediatric Dentist we chose, because we had an absolute blast.  I’m not kidding.

First, the girls got a package in the mail the week before (above).  We played dentist and read stories about Dora’s trip to hers.  My girls became obsessed with the mirror and “funny toothbrush”, and were legitimately excited to go the next day.

First they played until it was their turn, and when their names were called they were quick to get up and get started by picking out a new toothbrush and showing the hygienist how well they can brush.

Finally it was time to get in the little chair that we had talked so much about.  Avery, much to my surprise, was quick to volunteer to go first.

She talked with Miss Kasey, opened her mouth wide, showed her how to use the mirror… and then lost her flippin’ mind when Kasey talked about the chair lying back.  Seriously, downright lost it.  Screaming and shaking violently.  I’d like to blame some of it on an intense exhaustion due to lack of sleep the night before, but that’s probably only about 15% of the reason.  She’s sort of just nuts, though that certainly didn’t help.

We acted quickly and intervened before she was too far gone, and thankfully Elise was still a willing participant.  She climbed up next and was an absolute rockstar.

The office was great.  Oh, I’ve alluded to that already?  But really – right down to remembering to offer sunglasses so the bright flashlight isn’t too bright —

Elise sat through and participated in (like, seriously) the “tickle brush” (which they tested on her choice of finger first, followed by starting with her choice of tooth), the “silly straw” (that she held herself, and gave silly kisses to despite the weird suction), the mirror, etc.  She even let them floss, which apparently is not all that common to actually get through with 2-year-olds.  She was very cooperative, and a great helper.

Meanwhile, back in the other half of the family, they had a plan for more sensitive kiddos like Avery, too. 🙂  We assumed a backup position with her on my lap, lying back toward the hygienist.  She was fine with nearly everything but the chair (really?) so she made it very well through the teeth-counting, the tickle brush, and the silly straw (um, without any suction :)).  She didn’t really want them to finish with the brush, but was very brave and let them get to all of her teeth while it spun bubble gum toothpaste all over them!  She even let them paint her teeth with watermelon jelly.  She knows she’ll be three the next time she goes, and is excited to sit in the chair then… as long as it’s lying down before she gets in 🙂

“The Boy Dentist” (aka The Actual Dentist) came in and both girls were great listeners as he checked out their teeth.  And then, it was time for the goodies.  As in, the motherload of goodies (as much as that phrase (which I realize isn’t a real phrase) can be used to describe doctor/dentist/carnival prizes ;))

Lots more (adorable) pictures in Picasa!


  1. We LOVE Dr. Koren….that is who I went to from the time I had my first tooth until they kicked me out as an adult! Matter of fact…Madeline slept in her “dentist shirt” last night! 🙂

  2. I vaguely recall my sister or I going there for a while when we were younger… but they definitely weren’t THIS cool! 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    I went there until I out of college! But where’s the green water bottle…I told jeremy I would get a job to pay for the Dr. Koren if I have to…currently we dont have rental insurance!