Valentine’s Day

So there was this holiday about a week ago now, you may have heard of it?  Seen the pink, red, white, hearts?  I really love Valentine’s Day, a lot.  But life is so busy right now (more on that later), that our biggest goal that day was to finally squeeze in another trip to the Museum or Aquarium, since we’ve gone once on our passes instead of once (almost)weekly as intended.  It was a goal that would be squashed before the day even began, because my often-sweet girls are also often-defiant.  But that’s also a story for another day… or maybe just for when we’re on the other side of this thing called Two(x2).

What we DID end up doing was fun anyway.  Don’t worry, they hardly noticed they were having fun and were quasi-fixated on the fact that they lost privileges earlier in the day.  Effective discipline and still a fun day, a win-win.  Or something like that.

First, we picked out very specific, very special cards for the people we love.  Scratch that, the creatures we love.  Including our dog.  The one that Elise and Avery INSISTED we give a little Valentine to, though unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out a way to make Thea care in the slightest.  Maybe if I were still a good dog-mom I would have gotten her something from them, but I’m far from it.  Elise and Avery, however, are sweet.

After we wrote out cards, we got in the car and made rounds around the city to deliver Valentine’s cupcakes to Daddy’s work and to friends and relatives.  The girls had fun, and it really is the best way to handle cupcakes while trying to continue to fit into your current wardrobe.  Instead of eating about 12, give 90% of them away before you have a chance.  There you go, weight loss secrets, too.  This blog is great, I tell ya 😉

(Completely kidding, of course.  About that second part – the part about giving cupcakes away – right away – is legit.)

Anyway, after our rounds and a Valentine’s Day lunch date at KFC, it was past time for a nap.  When the girls woke up, it was their turn to decorate the remaining cupcakes for our dinner that evening.  They had fun, and I remain thankful that at least 50% of the toppings fell off with a nonchalant tilt of said cupcakes prior to eating them!

I must say though, dinner and cupcakes (however cute) are no match for what Kyle and the girls made while I was gone all day the Saturday before.  I’m a lucky mama!

Before bed we also gave the girls a little gift.  Admittedly they were confused most of the weekend about Valentine’s Day (insisting it was “Mommy’s Valentine’s Day”, sort of like “Mommy’s Birthday”)… but I think by the end of the day they had figured it out.  It’s a day for EVERYONE to say, “I love you” to the ones that are special to them.  And oh, are these two precious girls special to Kyle and me!

I hope yours was lovely, too!