DFD 2.6: Bolt!

Thanks to their obsession with YouTube videos, the girls were somewhat familiar with Bolt before having seen the movie – so they were excited to have our most recent Bolt-themed Disney Family Day!

When they got up from their nap, we colored (hey, it’s been a while! ;)) and then played “Mitten’s Matching Game”.  They’re getting really good at Memory-style games!  It’s been fun, both with various DFDs and the Handy Manny matching game they got for Christmas, to watch them catch on and improve at the skill set involved in such a classic kids activity.

After our activities we watched the movie, and the girls were enthralled.  Afterward it was time for dinner, with lots of kid-friendly favorites.  No gourmet food this time around, that’s for sure! 😉

Next up: Peter Pan!