Totter’s Otterville

A few weeks ago, we made the long trek down to Totter’s Otterville.  Totter’s is an adorable playland that used to be part of the Taylor Mill Johnny’s Toys building, but now it’s pretty much all that remains of the historic, beloved Johnny’s franchise.  It’s still pretty great though, especially when experienced for half price with various coupons around!

The best way to describe it is a mini version of the Cincinnati Children’s museum.  In fact, it has probably a majority of the same types of activities, though on a much smaller scale.  Of course this means it’s far less “cool”, but to a two-year-old or two, it’s pretty much the same.  And to a mama and dada, it’s FAR less chaotic!  If only it weren’t so far away.

Check out the map here, it’s pretty incredible.  Now to be fair, the “Rooms” listed are more like sections of rooms – but you still get the picture.  We were only there about 90 minutes, so we only explored a few areas this time.  We spent some time in the ball pit, mail station/conveyer belt, the dance studio(!), the water table and the Vet Clinic – complete with a few live animals!  Bu the way – did you know that rabbits like salad (lettuce)?  They do.  This blew my girls’ minds.  Apparently Elise and Avery thought rabbits (such as Goofy’s rabbit on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) only ate carrots.  Who knew rabbits’ tastes were so diverse?!

We have a couple more pre-paid passes, so we’ll definitely be back.  I think we’ll wait a couple of months so we can spend some time in the outdoor areas, too.  Who knows, maybe then the girls will be able to last a bit longer and skip their “nap”?

No, no!  I did NOT just wish that.  Only for that one day, please.  Thanks.

(Lots) More pictures in Picasa!