DFD 2.7: Peter Pan

Two DFD’s ago now, we had a “Peter Pan Party”.  I had all sorts of fun plans like toddlers flying with the aid of pixie dust, a treasure hunt, following the leader, etc but the girls decided that, for one day only, they’d nap all afternoon.  Who am I to argue that, so we skipped half of the activities.  Avery must have known intuitively that she should justify my doing so in some way, so she asked to watch “The Green Peter Pan Movie” (Return to Neverland).  Considering I like this one far better than the original (blasphemy!), we gladly obliged.  All was well in the planning world again.  You know, since some of the other activities just wouldn’t have made sense with the second movie! 😉

Anyway… we did all don peter pan hats —

and decorate sails —

for our Pirate Ship Pizzas!

We’ve had another party since then that I’ll write about soon…. and are quickly approaching our WDW trip!