Mason Community Center

We recently joined the Mason Community Center, and are all thrilled with it!  It remains to be seen if the (pretty steep) price is worth it for the long haul, but for now I can say it most certainly is.  In fact, I’m writing this to you from there.  Yes, I’m supposed to be working on my consulting project.  But hey, a “to do” item is a “to do” item, right?  Ok, I know.  But seriously, I do get a couple of hours of work done here every week or two – which more than pays for our membership, at least while I’m getting said hours.

And beyond that?  There’s tons to do.  I am enjoying group fitness classes (some more than others.  I’m looking at you Zumba and ridiculously-hard-Cycling-and-Weight-Training-Intervals-Class).  Kyle is enjoying a few lap swims a week.  And the girls are ECSTATIC each day they get to go to Kids Korner!

The place is amazing.  At previous gyms I could bring the girls, pay an extra fee, throw them in a small room full of old toys while someone else sat in a chair and “watched” them, and pick them up as soon as my class was over (lest they go crazy or I have to pay extra).  Not so with Kids Korner.  Today, they’re exploring a fire truck and then hearing a story read to them by City of Mason firefighters.  The firemen come most Mondays for story-time.  In full uniform.

When there aren’t firefighters visiting (well, and even when there are), there is always the craft table.  Elise and Avery spend tons of time here, and come home with some legitimately cute stuff!

If they don’t want structured circle time and crafts?  No problem.  Two huge rooms of toys and full-blown “centers” – including a dress up, a dollhouse taller than most of the kids, blocks, train tables, sensory tables, puppet shows, etc.  And when they get bigger?  Homework stations, computer terminals, Nintendo Wii (with active games only).

Anyway, it’s great.  2.5 hours of free, high-quality childcare when I want it.  This means time to workout as much as I want, sit in the hot tub after, go for a swim, get a long shower (eh, who am I kidding? It’s still a locker room shower), meet with the other nurse I’m working with on this project, get things done for Thirty-One at the on-site US Post Office, etc.

They even have an area of the community center called “The Edge”, which is designed for preteens and teens (rock wall, etc) but there are a few interactive (and very cool) “games” there for little ones too, when it’s not too crowded.  Elise and Avery love it when we get to MCC early enough to play “the colors square game”!

Not enough?  Ok, there’s also a few pools.  One of which is zero entry (you know how important this is if you have a young child, or – even moreso – two young children).  It has splash fountains that almost rival one of the Kings Island pools.  And two slides, one “for grown ups” 🙂 and an adorable little frog slide for the little ones.  Maybe if someone can loan me an underwater camera I’ll get more swimming pics for you?  Because they’d be pretty cute!

So far, it’s worth our investment for sure.  Even if only for these smiles —

Ok, and the ones that aren’t so forced.  Silly girls!


  1. The camera looks like it takes gorgeous photos, congratulations!

    The girls are as adorable as ever… 🙂