Library Time!

Despite our frequent visits when the girls were younger, we really haven’t spent much time in the library in quite a while.  You know, it’s just not like they need any books, considering we have literally hundreds (each) on every level of the house!

Not long ago though, we were in the area of the new(ish) West Chester Library and needed to kill some time, so Kyle, Elise, Avery and I hung out there for about 40 minutes.  The kids section is really nice!  There were computer games, puzzles and other fun displays for the girls to check out.

And of course, you know, they had a few books.  Each girl picked one out (and mama chose a few more), and thought it was pretty cool.  Of course, they’ve since pretty much ignored said books… but whatever.  It was fun.  And they’re cute.  Always.

I think we really need to keep the storytimes we used to do on our radar, instead of repeatedly missing registration! 🙂